Clairvoyant - Stock Market and Forex Forecasting

We are breaking down the barriers to quantitative finance.

Build Powerful Forecasts

Create sophisticated forecasts taking into account the historical movment of multiple assets

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Quantitative Option Pricing

Estimate the price of options and the probability of the options contracts ending in the money based upon your constructed models

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Access a wide variety of forecasting tools to help you make statistically informed decisions

No more guessing whats going to happen in the future. Leverage the power of mathematics to cut through the noise in finanical markets and see things clearer than ever. 

  • 'I designed Clairvoyant to allow users to easily build the sophisticated machine learning models that banks and hedge funds are utilizing everyday'
    Hisam Sabouni
Bringing quantitative finance to the masses

Simply enter your assumptions and let us handle all of the mathematics in the background. 

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We are a small startup based out of Orange County, CA creating software to empower consumers with advanced statistical models. Our minimalistic user interface allows users to focus on the core assumptions behind statistical models without having to worry about any of the complex mathematics occurring in the background.